Open days

We look forward to meeting you in November 2016 and January 2017.

In November, we open the faculty on campuses at the Charles Square and in Dejvice for all those, who are interested in applying. Come and take a look! We will be glad to introduce our courses to you, show you our lab equipment, research projects and we will also have a chance to talk about our university and technology in general.

There will be two guided tours availeable for you at the Charles Square. You will have a chance to see a belt robot-rescuer, swarms of helicopters, modular robotic caterpillar, automatic control lab, a robot which is learning to walk, a car simulator, practical drone coordination, virtual reality lab and moreover, you will get to hear adaptive music for computer games.

We are also preparing several live demonstrations in the lobby - such as visual recognition of age and sex, planner for cyclists, biometric identification, automatic slot car, oculus rift... You can play around with all of these! Faculty staff, as well as our students will be there to answer any of your questions regarding the exhibits, our course our the CTU in general.