Martin Řezáč - Team Leader in Porsche Engineering Services

Cybernetics and Control Engineering, Grad: 2008
Martin Řezáč

My choice of university major arose from long-term interest in computer programming but I had always wanted to do more than just the “ordinary” programming. I was keen to learn how to bring “a piece of iron” to life, get to know how to program a robot and make him do what I wanted to. Thus, pursuing Control Engineering and Cybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was an obvious choice for me. 

I began to study in 2005. During my master's studies, I had the opportunity to work alongside the academic staff of the department and participate in stabilized airborne camera platform development project. 

Not only was it a great research-based material for my dissertation but also knowing that some of my research results will be used in actual product development was very stimulating. 

I highly appreciated the department lecturers' effort to create an English speaking environment by merging Czech and foreigner students' courses together in order to support an international study exchange. The emphasis on good command of English gave me a chance to go for an internship to a prestigious institution in Eindhoven during my doctoral studies. 

I see foreign-language skills as one of primary factors in careers like mine. As a team leader and supervisor of various automotive software development projects in a highly international environment of Porsche Engineering Services I have been able to use the technical expertise, teamwork experience and foreign language skills I learnt while studying for my degree.

Martin Řezáč