Zemánkovo vejce v sanfranciském Exploratoriu!

Dřívější absolvent a nyní oblíbený učitel našeho programu, doktorand Jirka Zemánek, se dostal až do slavného vědeckého muzea Exploratorium v San Francisku. Tedy, jeho slavné vajíčko!

Exploratorium v San Francisku si určitě nenechte ujít. Tohle o něm píše Wikipedie:

The Exploratorium is a museum in San Francisco that allows visitors to explore the world through science, art, and human perception. Its mission is to create inquiry-based experiences that transform learning worldwide. It has been described by the New York Times as the most important science museum to have opened since the mid-20th century, an achievement attributed to "the nature of its exhibits, its wide-ranging influence and its sophisticated teacher training program". Characterized as "a mad scientist's penny arcade, a scientific funhouse, and an experimental laboratory all rolled into one", the participatory nature of its exhibits and its self-identification as a center for informal learning has led to it being cited as the prototype for participatory museums around the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exploratorium

Jak šlo vejce na vandr?

Eggstatic – stroboscopic patterns for Easter eggs (EggBot) - 302 560 zhlédnutí

Eggstatic 2 – laser drawing stroboscopic patterns on an egg covered in photochromic paint - 19 098 zhlédnutí

Velikonocni prani - EggBot - Happy Easter - 342 340 zhlédnutí

Animated eggs Eggstatic in Spanish TV program El Hormiguero with Shakira - 4 282 zhlédnutí 

a ted skončilo v muzeu.