Automated testing of vehicle electronics

The Department of measurements has a long-standing cooperation with the Electronic Development and Electronic Vehicle Department at Skoda Auto. The cooperation focuses particularly on the issues of automated testing, which in today’s world is gaining increasing importance due to the ever-expanding and developing portfolio of customised vehicle functions, driving assistants and information and communication systems, etc.

The last ten years have seen the design and realization of several generations of automated testers of vehicle behaviour on CAN and LIN buses, current research which is also taking place under the auspices of the Competence Centre of Automobile Engineering, Josef Bozek, and is focused on the issue of automatic generation and implementation of funtional and integration tests of the whole vehicle sub-system.

Test work serves primarily to implement integration tests of the electronic control unit of lower- class vehicles. All these jointly developed devices are used routinely in the development of new cars. The main benefits of the cooperation are time reduction and thus the costs of testing and especially the elimination of subjective errors that might occur when tests are performed manually.