Masters programme

Masters programme Cybernetics and robotics 2021 - from academic year 2021/2022

Students of the Masters programme Cybernetics and Robotics will acquire advanced knowledge of cybernetics, robotics, automatic control, diagnostics and sensors in the compulsory subjects of the programme and will also develop their creative engineering skills in the subjects of project type.


Condition for fulfilling the group of compulsory elective subjects: Students must complete a total of 7 compulsory elective subjects in total from group 1 and group 2, and from these 7 subjects at least 3 of them must be completed from group 1.

Continuity with the bachelors programme

The Masters course is loosely based on the undergraduate programme Cybernetics and robotics, but it is open to graduates from other programmes, faculties and schools. A completed bachelors degree in any programme of a similar focus is the main requirement. Any lack of knowledge of students coming from other faculties or universities can be supplemented by elective courses during the first year of the programme. This is thanks to the variety of availeable elective subjects.None of the fields requires specialization in the previous bachelors course.