For Fun

Future students of Cybernetics and robotics :)

Martin Hlinovský and his robots attract children of all ages!
Atlas - The Next Generation

Atlas - The Next Generation

Wana to create such a thing sometimes in the future? Study our program Cybernetics and Robotics!

We control an interactive Christmas tree on the lubrication tram

Last year we built an interactive Christmas tree in the lobby of ČVUT on Charles Square, and this year we were approached by TechNet, who asked if we wanted to put our Christmas tree on the back of a lubricating tram so that anyone could have fun controlling it. Yesterday, in collaboration with the Prague Transport Department and, it was officially launched.

Autumn Concert

Elektra, made up of graduates and friends of FEL ČVUT in Prague, presents an Autumn concert which will take place on 24th November, 2015 in the Martinu Hall of the Lichtenstein Palace on Malostranském náměstí in Prague.

Musical Meeting on Charles Square

At the meeting on 9th November 2015 Martin Kasik and the Bennewitzovo Quartet played a programme of Joseph Haydn, Frederic Chopin and Antonin Dvorak.