Jaroslav Pekař

Sr. R&D Manager in Honeywell

Jaroslav Pekař is Sr. R&D Manager at Connected Vehicle business in Honeywell. He has been with Honeywell since 2005. He holds Ph.D. degree in Control Engineering from the Department of Control Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. Jaroslav is working on R&D and application projects related to the optimal and advanced control systems design for wide range of applications with his personal goal to transform innovative approaches to practical applications. He is focused on fast sampled dynamical systems including automotive powertrain and industrial energy control. Current work covers model based advanced control, diagnostic and prognostic systems for internal combustion engines, including aftertreatment systems. Jaroslav is author or co-author of more than 30 technical publications, including conference papers and journals. He holds more than five patents. Jaroslav has received the IEEE Control Systems Technology Award in 2012, IFAC Industrial Achievement Award in 2017 and two Honeywell Technical Achievement awards.