Why study Cybernetics and Robotics at CTU


  • Cybernetics and robotics are sciences, which are changing our world and have a limitless future. They extend the Internet to the Internet of things. Through them, we teache machines to think, decide and act. They're not just sciences - they are the informatics for the real world.

  • Robots drive, heal and help, manufacture and cultivate, earn and clean. Nowadays, almost everything is controlled automatically. Everyone has a smartphone today. Tomorrow, they will have a robot. And you will be there - you will be able to create and use robots.

  • Do you like to play? Then this is just the course for you. Put the world around you in motion. Our modern laboratories are waiting for you. They are well equipped, thanks to revenue from research and industry.

  • Our research is world-class - and our course is based on our research. The programme is truly modern - both content and form.

  • We do not only teach the latest technology - that wouldn´t be enough. We lead you forward to invent technologies that do not even exist yet!

  • Studying with us is not just about memorizing facts. That´s why you will appreciate it even in fifty years time and even if you eventually end up doing something far from the original field.

  • Our teachers are leading figures in the field: engineers from high profile companies - Honeywell, Porsche, Siemens. World-class scientists - people who create new things themselves - are here, to develop the creativity of our students. 

  • Study at CTU - the best technical university in the Czech Republic - by prestigious international rankings QS and US News. Study at the faculty, which contributed to these outstanding results the most!

  • Many students from foreign universities join our course and thanks to this, a lot of our undergraduates can study abroad thanks to the Erasmus student exchange programme. This brings a great advantage - foreign schools and teachers know us, and we know them.

  • The world can be your oyster: our Bachelor can do a Masters degree anywhere in the world, our Master can do a PhD anywhere in the world. And vice versa, a Bachelor of many various disciplines, from other universities and even from abroad can enroll to our Masters programme.

  • Study from the same textbooks as European, American or Asian students - your future colleagues and competitors. Learn not only how to create and construct, but also how to communicate and to work as a part of a team, and how to present and sell your results and products. Learn how to be a teacher to yourself!

  • Our graduates easily find employment in our country as well as in the rest of the world. Our students can work part time on business projects and thus earn extra money. Our graduates are versatile, which is their competitive advantage.

  • Our graduates set up their own businesses. They are successful, rich and famous.

  • Our students have to study hard, but they learn a lot and they have a lot of fun : )