Banquet of Cybernetics 2016

The traditional Banquet of Cybernetics took place on the first day of the winter semester. First-year students of the KyR study program could get to know each other and meet also older students and teachers participating in the study program.

The banquet was attended by almost 100 students of which nearly 80 were new students from the first year. After the first embarrassment, the atmosphere got relaxed and entertainment started, also thanks to the even moderator, Jirka Zemanek.

Ten best first-year students of the KyR study program were introduced and rewarded for excellent study results by Bebop 2 quadcopter.

Students in teams tried to solve the given task, that was to construct a bridge from spaghetti and candy "marshmallow". The teams adopted different strategies. At the end, the most constructions reached in height around one meter, what is really good performance for a limited amount of time.

After that, open entertainment starter. Nevertheless, the bigest groups of students formed at stations such as work with virtual reality, team game with industrial robotic manipulator, audio spectrum analyzer or mobile robot.

All photos from the event can be found in out gallery.