Instrumentation for micromanipulation using an electric field

Jakub Drs’s main task was to test a new arrangement of microelectrodes for contactless micromanipulation using an electric field and to use his observations to prepare for our participation in the international competition, Microrobots.  This job required a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills from Practical Electronics, FPGA programming, control experiments to designing control algorithms and simulation.  His work was an important part of our application to the Microrobots competition NIST MMC at the prestigious conference, IEEE ICRA 2012.  Jakub also took part in the competition as part of a team from the Electro-Technical faculty.  They achieved fourth place among the nine universities that qualified.  In 2012 he was awarded the Josef Hlávka Award for Outstanding Students of Prague Universities for his work, led by Jiri Zemanek.