High school students often ask us if the Cybernetics and Robotics course is suitable for them, or whether they will be able to handle the workload. We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have some further questions to ask, you can contact the course representative or you can join the public discussion forum on the website of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

I'm a grammar school student and I have no programming experience. Will I have difficulty studying the Cybernetics and Robotics course

Nowadays, programming is undoubtedly an important skill in all fields related to cybernetics and robotics, and therefore has an important place in our course. However, the CyR course is designed in such a way, that talented and hardworking students manage to learn programming with us, without having a previous experience. If you still feel, that you might need some extra time to practice before the course itself begins, than there is a preparatory programming course availeable for you. This preparatory course is organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) and is held a few weeks prior to the beginning of the academic year - keep track of the FEL website.

In what programming languages will we learn to program during the course?

You will be introduced to the issues of algorithms during the first semester both theoretically and practically, for which you will be using the increasingly popular Python language. In the second semester, you will broaden your knowledge by learning the details of "low-level" hardware programming. For this purpose, you will be programming in C language. You will have a chance to consolidate and strenghten the knowledge gained in these two subjects in many other projects and specialized subjects throughout your studies. Later on, you will be working in other environments, such as Matlab for mathematical calculations or (in an optional subject) programmable logic controllers (PLCs), embedded systems, and the like.

I am a grammar school student and I have no experience with electronics. Will I have difficulty studying the CyR programme?

Since modern technology such as cybernetic and robotic systems are built on electronics, mastering the art of electronics is one of the main pillars of our course. However, the CyR programme is designed in a way, which allows skillful and enthusiastic students to enter the world of electronics for the first time, whilst they are with us already. You will systematically deal with electronics from the third semester onwards. If you feel you need to catch up on some basics beforehand, there is an optional subject availeable to you during the second semester, in which you can learn some basic practical skills. You can also regulate the amount of electronic studies through the choice of elective subjects farther on in the course.